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All our Wide Width Wallpapers

  • are printed on non-woven paper made of cellulose and polyester
  • have a tear-off selvedge on both sides
  • joins are achieved by overlap and splicing
  • are sold by the metre like fabric

The printed width of our Wide Width Wallpapers vary between 132cm - 138cm wide


These designs are printed as tailor made panels for your room height:

  • Force 9
  • Petra
  • Sika

We can also print our other wallpapers as panels to save on wastage. This can be particuarly economical for designs with a straight repeat.

It is not possible to print panels for staircases.

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Alternative Substrates

All Wide Width Wallpapers are also available on these two substrates:


  • a semi-gloss, pearl finish
  • there will be a slight colour change due to the ground


  • printing on Vinyl results in a 10% reduction in WIDTH and VERTICAL REPEAT
  • there will be a slight colour change due to the ground

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To order these alternative substrates please contact bespoke@lewisandwood.co.uk.

Calculating amount of Wide Width Wallpaper

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If you are calculating to match a previous order, please specify this when ordering.

Wallpaper Paste

For standard wallpaper we recommend any good, pre-mixed, heavy duty, proprietary brand such as Solvite, Polycell or Halls B-Line.

If you have chosen to have your order printed on vinyl wallpaper we recommend you use a wheat based adhesive such as B-Line - Prepared Tub Paste. This comes in a black and white container with a green lid and is available from a company called Ciret. They can be contacted on 02392 457450.


Straight Repeat

Two similar units of pattern are designed to match side by side

With full block repeat patters, all drops will be the same, so you will be cutting them in sequence.

Half Drop Repeat

Each unit of pattern is designed to match halfway down another unit of pattern.

With half drop repeat patterns, there will be two different drops, hung alternately. This means there is the option of cutting the drops in sequence (1, 2, 3 etc.) or alternately (1, 3, 5 etc. followed by 2, 4, 6 etc.)

Clean & Care Instructions for Wallpaper

  • Use a soft bristle brush to gently remove any dust, dirt or cobwebs. 
  • Start at the top of the wall and work your way downwards, cleaning from side to side. 
  • If using water, do not add too much detergent as this will cause the walls to become sticky and attract more dirt.
  • An alternative option is to use baby wipes as these work well and no water is required.
  • It is very important when cleaning to first try a spot test for colour fastness on an unobtrusive part of the wall where any damage will not be seen.
  • Do not over wet the wallpaper, as too much water may cause it to separate from the wall.
  • Take care not to let water soak into the seams of the wallpaper as this can cause it to peel away from the wall.
  • Never use abrasive materials as this will damage the wallpaper. A soft sponge or cloth are preferable. 
  • Gently sponge wipe over the stain.

Tips & Advice for damp environments

  • Ensure the paper surface is completely dust free.
  • Use a Polyvine Acrylic varnish in Satin finish and a thin coat over the wallpaper.
  • If the Satin finish is too shiny then go over this with a Matt finish. Matt is not as durable as the Satin.
  • Several thin coats are better than fewer thick coats. Allow each coat to thoroughly dry before applying the next coat. 

Classic Wallpapers

  • Sold in 10m rolls
  • Vary between 52-60cm wide
  • Composed of 100% Wood Pulp

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