Classic Wallpaper

Printed width 52cm - 66cm depending on the design. Sold by the 10 metre roll and printed on standard wood pulp paper.

Cleaning of fabrics

We recommend dry cleaning for all our fabrics. However, for upholstered furniture in Rooksmoor Velvet, an Upholstery shampoo or dry foam can be used. Let this set and then gradually brush away. The customer must first try this on an unobtrusive piece of the upholstered furniture. We are unable to take responsibility for the outcome. 


Exclusive seller of Lewis & Wood designs in a given territory.


60 x 60 overlocked fabric sample to file in a Lewis & Wood header. Showing all colourways.

Finished Width

Width of design once it has been seamed up (fabric) or installed (wallpaper).

Fireproofing of fabrics

None of our fabrics have been treated to comply with Fire Regulations. However, all our fabrics can be treated for both Domestic and Contract use for upholstery, curtains and bedcovers. Fabrics that have 100% Natural Fibre content will pass a Cigarette Test, but not a Match Test. However, for domestic projects the fabric can be used over a Schedule 3 interliner. For contract use the fabric will have to be specifically treated. 

Fire Retardant

This is a coating to decrease the flammability of a fabric. We can arrange to have a fabric treated. Contact to discuss this.

Printed Width

Width of actual printing, including seam allowance.


Overlocked fabric sample ½ width x 80cm drop - chargeable if not returned.

ADAM'S EDEN and WILD THING returnable samples measure a full width x 1metre drop and are more expensive.

Rub Test

A measure of fabric durability as an upholstery fabric. Also known as the Martindale test.

Please note that the rub tests displayed by Lewis & Wood relate to the cloth not the print.

Click to view fabric rub tests with suggested usage

If you are in any doubt about suitability, please contact us.


A4 cutting of Lewis & Wood fabric, wide width wallpaper or classic wallpaper.

Vertical Repeat

The distance between the top and bottom of a repeating motif in a print. 

Wallpaper 80cm Samples

Full width 80cm long Wide Width Wallpaper samples which are charged for and non-returnable.

Wallpaper Composition

All our Wide Width Wallpapers are printed on non-woven paper made of cellulose and polyester.

Wallpaper Paste

For standard wallpaper we recommend any good, pre-mixed, heavy duty, proprietary brand such as Solvite, Polycell or Halls B-Line. We have found that Halls B-Line supply appropriate paste in a yellow topped container that is well suited for the majority of the walls, and also paste in a red topped container that is especially good for the edges and seams. This is available from most decorators merchants.

If you have chosen to have your order printed on vinyl wallpaper we recommend you use a wheat based adhesive such as B-Line - Prepared Tub Paste. This comes in a black and white container with a green lid and is available from a company called Ciret. They can be contacted on 02392 457450.

Wallpaper Widths

Our Classic wallpapers vary between 52-60cm in width and our Wide Width Wallpapers between 132-138cm.

Wide Width Wallpaper

Printed width 132cm - 138cm depending on the design and sold by the metre like fabric.
Printed on a non-woven ground.

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